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we love Toiles du Soleil and more ..
For those who love the rhythm of a stripe - Les Toiles du Soleil - is unparalleled.

Resulting from a tradition which began several centuries ago, the catalan way of weaving expanded at the end of the XIXth century. The last textile manufacture of St. Laurent de Cerdans has been rescued by Les Toiles du Soleil who have revived the traditional catalan table-linen.

Still weaving on original shuttle looms the yarns are twisted and interwoven to create their stunning textiles. Inspired by old samples found in the manufacture archives the creations are redesigned to suit the colorful trends of our time.

The fabrics are a generous 180cm wide and many of the designs do not have a repeat. The cotton is the finest quality and Les Toiles du Soleil use a unique dyeing process call to ‘Le Grand Teint’ to ensure long lasting colour.

Sold by the meter in 180 cm width and 43cm width, in cotton and acryl.


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